Baking From Skritchy Skritchy Scratch

(just imagine the iconic record scratch in those "so you're probably wondering how I got here" and that me wondering why on earth I decided to learn how to bake from scratch) Welcommmeee back to #LearninAThing! It is now the month of July! Okay yes, yes, I know, it's BEEN July. I have things to... Continue Reading →

What Do We Say to Death? Knit Today.

Am I still salty over the Games of Thrones series finale? Is it still eating away at my mind every single day how horrible it was? Is it the pun? Why do you ask? WELCOME BACK MY LOVELY READERSĀ for the first month of #LearninAThing (and yes I realize we are almost halfway through the month,... Continue Reading →


Good Morning.... Afternoon? Middle of the Night? Crack of Dawn? I never know how to start these things besides a boring "Hello", but hello anyways. This month I want to try something new. In fact, for every new month forward, until the end of the year, I want to learn something new. I had this... Continue Reading →

Kicked to the Sides

ARE YOUUU READDDYYYY... for yet another post about The Magicians by Lev Grossman? "You mean you're not over that show/book yet?" No, no I'm not. This book is a magical marvel and constantly inspires me to write about things and share them with the world. Isn't that the point of all good novels - to... Continue Reading →

The Beta Exploration

A while back I had ventured into the world of Beta Reading. Although it wasn't very successful, I have been dying to try again. I think it is a great way to make friends in the writing and reading world, and what is better than friends you can share your passions with? BIG PROBLEM I... Continue Reading →

The Hardest Lesson

Welcome back my fellow Earthlings (as well as any other being that may have stumbled upon my blog in this vast universe) to Mental Health Monday... even though its technically Tuesday. See, it was the magical thing us college kids call spring break, and naturally I decided to catch up on the even more magical... Continue Reading →

Recognizing Growth

Welcome to week three of Mental Health Monday (which should be week four, but I had a hectic school week and slacked on posting for my blog). Today, we'll be talking about change. I think a lot of people struggle with change, especially when it comes to self change. I know a lot of people... Continue Reading →


Hey, guys! I wanted to start something to get myself posting regularly on my blog and my last post regarding pain/mental health got a lot of praise. I'm gonna do a little segment called "Mental Health Monday" where I share a little bit of my experiences. Something I've always wanted to do with my writing... Continue Reading →

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